{University APIs"}

In May of 2012 I first came across the APIs from the University of Washington. I was impressed with how organized their approach to delivering campus APIs was. Their IT department does a great job on the presentation of their APIs, why they are important and makes them inclusive to everyone.

Using the Universities of Washington's web services, anyone on campus can learn, discover and connect to 29 separate University APIs. Its great to see that a University is trying to create a single directory of all University web services, and even has an API suggestion service where students and faculty can submit and vote on ideas for new, useful campus APIs.

With the volatility of school funding, online learning and just overall competition in higher ed, Universities need to start noticing of the transformative powers of APIs, and how it can make University operations more transparent, accessible and nimble, and potentially even save money when it comes to empowering the students themselves to build interfaces for accessing vital University information.

With the latest review of this space I more than doubled the number of universities I am keeping an eye on, when it comes to APIs. There is definitely some serious momentum picking up, making my research all the more important

This University research project will profile the efforts of various University API programs as well as provide news, analysis and other resources that people can follow when working to get traction with APIs at their own school.